When Your Spouse Won’t Have Sex With You

Are you living in a sexless marriage because your spouse has never had sex with you or only had sex a handful of times? Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares hard truths for husbands and wives who are confused, frustrated, and deeply hurt by their spouse’s continued refusal to have sex or seek treatment.

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  1. Kay
    April 2, 2017

    Wow! You said a mouthful. I never imagined in a million years after waiting for 15 years for a good man that I would experience something so horrific. After having three brothers and a dad I certainly understand brotherly love and feel that from my man. It is selfish of him, I gave him a pass because of his medical concerns (mind you he is still capable). I thought is my life simply doomed for drama. Am I moving to quickly because it’s easier to dissolve a marriage 2nd time around? You made me face the music. I’ll work through this over the next few weeks to give us an opportunity but it’s clear what the outcome is if there is little to no willingness. I don’t have to go without sex. I don’t have to be in want, and it’s okay to make the decision for a healthy relationship

    I’ll separate in three days if he won’t discuss it. I’ll prepare for leaving if he won’t then agree to get help. I knew this I just couldn’t bring myself to put it in place.

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