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We all need to laugh more, and my seminars are filled with humor, energy, and practical information that helps people make positive changes in their lives and relationships. My most frequent speaking engagements are keynote addresses, female sexuality seminars, and leading retreats for married couples or women. Many of my presentations have Scriptures woven throughout them. I use real life examples from both my clinical practice and my own marriage and life. Whenever possible, I involve the audience in the presentation. My ultimate goal is to provide useful tools and techniques that audience members can immediately apply to their lives and relationships.

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Speaking Sample:
Subject: Time Together: Just the Two of Us

This is an excerpt of a marriage presentation available for purchase in my online store.


Women’s Events

For women’s retreats, I have developed a four-session interactive workshop entitled “Creating a Life You Love.” Women love this fun and practical workshop because they spend an entire day focusing on their life and how to make it more satisfying and fulfilling. The presentations include:
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Creating a Life You Love – Workshop Sessions

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Session One: Is Your Life Working for You?
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  • Measuring your life satisfaction and balance
  • Learning to say “no” with grace and confidence

Session Two: What’s Draining Your Life Energy?CALYL-fullcolor
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  • Eliminating annoying energy drainers
  • How to quit procrastinating

Session Three: What’s Fueling Your Life?
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  • Kicking the adrenaline habit
  • Fueling your mind, body and soul

Session Four: Does Your Life Honor Values?
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  • Clarifying your core values
  • How to make better decisions


Each woman receives a workbook filled with exercises and questionnaires, which are completed as part of the workshop. I also do two life-coaching demonstrations with volunteers from the audiences, allowing the women to see powerful life changes happening right in front of their eyes. Scripture is woven in throughout the day, encouraging women to discover the abundant life God has designed for each of us. Audience participation is encouraged and women leave the retreat energized and ready to make positive changes in their lives. A four CD set of this retreat with workbook is available for sale in my store.

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Fan the Flame events

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    • No More Christian Nice Girl

    • Oreos and Banana Peels: Handling Praise and Rejection

    • Depression in Women

    • The Five Love Languages of Children

    • Understanding and Enhancing Your Sexuality*


*This is a two-hour presentation for wives focusing on understanding your body, learning the causes of low libido and discovering how to enhance your sexuality. It includes an extensive, helpful outline.

[iconbox icon=”arrow-right” iconSize=”small” iconColor=”#e41f26″ bgcolor=”#deae54″ title=”Retreat Planning:” type=”inline”]I enjoy helping plan retreats and have several helpful downloads available. These brief but informative PDF files have recommendations for what works well and what does not. You can download them for free by clicking the button below.[/iconbox]

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If you would like to discuss bringing me to your location to lead a women’s retreat, please give me a call at (859) 685-7753 or email me.


Marriage Retreats

Jennifer Speaking at a Marriage Retreat

For marriage retreats, I have developed the following sixty-minute presentations (all have handouts for participants). Some of these were developed to meet the specific requests of various retreat organizers:

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Marriage Retreat Presentations

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Passionate Intimacy
Boundaries in Marriage
Time Together: Just the Two of Us
The Four Communication Secrets of Happy Couples
5 Key Steps to Resolving Your Couple Conflicts
Appreciating Our Differences: How Couples Can Communicate Better
Love and Limits with Kids: Reality and Responsibility Discipline
Leaving and Cleaving: Making a Clean Break with Your Parents When You Marry
Understanding and Enhancing Your Sexuality (for female participants only)

Each presentation is biblically based with scripture woven through the hour. I use both case examples and examples from my own marriage as illustrations, and also involve the audience whenever possible. My ultimate goal is to provide couples with practical tools, tips, and techniques for improving their relationship, while also inspiring and challenging them to settle for nothing less than the “oneness” God has planned for their marriages.

Couples consistently report that one of the most valuable parts of marriage retreats are the “knee-to-knee” times. After each presentation, couples are given questions to discuss covering the material just presented. Each couple finds a quiet place to discuss these questions, pray together, and apply new ideas and tools to their marriage. By going to my Store page, you can purchase audio CD’s of many of these presentations (with printed outlines), as well as listen to a free audio clip of each presentation.

By going to my Resources page, you can download free planning materials that will help you make your marriage retreat fun and effective. If you would like to discuss bringing me to your location to lead a marriage retreat, please give me a call at (859) 685-7753 or email me.


Speaking Testimonials

“Thank you so much for helping to make our first ever marriage retreat a complete success! Your presentations were organized, informative, humorous, but most of all, biblically sound! We had many testimonials the following Sunday about how the information had already made a difference in their marriage.”

Randy Walker, Deacon/ Young Couples Sunday School Teacher, Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Oneonta, Alabama

“You added a great combination of humor, wit, and excellent content to our married couples retreat…I pray that your opportunities to speak to couples will increase every year.”

Gerry Peak, Discipleship Pastor, Germantown Baptist Church, Memphis,TN

“Jennifer wove practical ideas, creativity, and faith into the mix and helped me develop the necessary tools to apply to future similar issues. Within just a few minutes of working with Jennifer, I knew I’d found that special “one-in-a-million” coach and I’ve never regretted that decision.”

C.C., Real Estate Agent, Author, and Coach

“Jennifer spoke at our annual ladies’ retreat in Jacksonville, Florida. Her genuine demeanor and sense of humor made the steps of growing from ordinary to extraordinary a lot more fun. I learned it was ok for me to say “No” and not feel guilty. Becoming a better manager of my time, projects and adrenaline level has helped me professionally, spiritually and personally. It’s a program I would like to hear every couple of years because Jennifer helps meet her audience where they’re at.”

Kimberly Morgan, Director, Partner Sales & Services

“Jennifer’s presentations are chock-full of USEABLE, apply-them-right-now ideas. If you have unchurched friends, Jennifer’s seminars are the perfect forum to introduce them to Christianity. Through her teaching, they will discover that the Bible is relevant to their everyday lives and they will laugh until they cry (and thus realize that we Christians have a lot of fun)!

Lynn Lewallen, Assistant to the Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church of Raytown, Missouri

“We are delighted to have you on our “A” list of preferred speakers/leaders.”

Larry Williams, Associate Minister, Broadmoor Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA

“Thank you so much for coming to Lee’s Summit Community Church in April 2004 to speak. Your presentation was absolutely one of the best I’ve seen in years and possibly the most practical I have ever seen in my life! Highest kudos to you on all points: content, creativity, authenticity, delivery, humor, audience interaction, biblical foundation and on-target tools. I have heard one appreciative comment after another about your workshop, along with suggestions for inviting you back to speak to married couples. “

Debi Stack, Author of “Martha to the Max: Balanced Living for Perfectionists”


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