Spiritual Growth

Deepen your relationship with God and develop spiritual and emotional maturity.

Here you’ll find Healthy Relationships Rx blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, and online store products to help you grow spiritually and emotionally as a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. You’ll learn how to:
  • Grow your faith in God
  • Deepen your understanding of God’s character
  • Develop a daily quiet time with God
  • Discover exciting truths in the Bible
  • Apply the Bible in your decision-making
  • Use biblical principles in your relationships

Latest HRx Spiritual Growth Podcasts

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Taming Your Tongue Part One — Tongue Management 101 (Study of James 3)

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Tips for Being an Extraordinary Christian in Ordinary Life (Study of James 1 and 2)

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Three Steps To Finding Comfort When You Are Afraid

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares 3 steps to finding comfort when you are afraid based…

Both free and premium resources to help you become a spiritually and emotionally mature Christian

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No More Christian Nice Girl: 3 Steps to Overcoming People Pleasing

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