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Latest Jennifer Degler Ministries Marriage Podcasts

Tip Talk podcast: Ten Tips for Building Strong Family Bonds

Can you recognize when you’re being controlled and exploited so someone else can get what they want? In this Tip Talk podcast episode, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares 5 more tips for identifying manipulators based on a fascinating and gruesome story from Judges 9.

Emotional Manipulation Part 4 — More Tips for Identifying Manipulators Before They Take Advantage of You –Judges 9 — Abimelech

Can you recognize when you’re being controlled and exploited so someone else can get what they want? In this Tip Talk podcast episode, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares 5 more tips for identifying manipulators based on a fascinating and gruesome story from Judges 9.

Emotional Manipulation Part 3 — How to Identify Manipulative People — Judges 9 — Abimelech

Would you like to sharpen your ability to spot a manipulator before you get played? In this Tip Talk podcast episode, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler...

Emotional Manipulation Part 2 — Ten Tips for Handling Emotional Manipulation — How to Set Boundaries with Manipulative People

If you're in or coming out of a relationship with a difficult, controlling person, in this Tip Talk episode psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler has ten tips to...

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“You lose your way when you lose your why. Write down the reasons why you can’t quit doing the work you’ve been called to do.”…

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What do you do when your spouse won’t have sex with you? Husbands and wives are puzzled, hurt, and frustrated because their spouse either refuses…

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As promised, here are Jeff’s answers to your questions. He really is the best of husbands. I edited his answers only for grammatical errors, so…

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Guest Blog: Becky Kiser on “Sex Isn’t Like the Movies”

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1) Clitoral contact is key in producing female orgasm. If you aren’t using a lubricant in that area, add one. You may need much longer…

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Tactfulness, timing, and teamwork are key when addressing sexual dysfunctions, such erectile difficulties or premature ejaculation, with your husband. Discussions like this often go better…

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            Ask your husband what he fears the most, and you may hear answers like “heights,” “loneliness,” or even “your…

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Christmas Pick Up Lines

To add to your CWIVES holiday fun, here is a list of Christmas-themed pick up lines to try out on your husband. I hope they…

How We Tear Down Our Marriages, One Negative Thought at a Time

Are you stuck in a rut of thinking negative thoughts about sex or your husband? Do any of these sound familiar? “I could go the…

Reader Question: How Do I Learn to Talk Sexy?

Dear Dr. Jennifer, My husband wants me to be sexy, such as initiating sex in a sexy way and talking dirty. I have no idea…

Back in the Blogging Saddle & Barna Research

It’s been an interesting five weeks since my last blog entry. For technical reasons unknown to me, I couldn’t log onto my own website via…

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