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CWIVES (Christian Wives Initiating Valuing Enjoying Sex) is your trusted resource for biblically-based, practical advice for making your marriage sizzle God’s way.

The I, V, and E parts of sex don’t always come easy to women, particularly after the honeymoon glow fades, and the laundry, bills, and children pile up. And when wives don’t prioritize or value sex, we don’t initiate sex very often—if at all. We can become sexual slackers, not doing our fair share to make our marriage sizzle.

When sex seems increasingly unimportant to wives, it gets put way down our priority list, right after Priority #47: “Brush the dog’s teeth.” And when the sizzle fizzles, wives don’t enjoy sex very much—which makes us value sex even less which in turn makes us initiate less frequently.

You can reverse this destructive cycle that robs you of the intimate marriage you’ve always wanted. God’s plan for married sex includes both husbands and wives Initiating, Valuing, and Enjoying sex. Not just boring “wake-me-up-when-it’s-over” sex, but mind-blowing, spirit-connecting, intimacy-producing, sizzling sex. The kind of married sex that bonds you together as a couple—mind, body, and soul.

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