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This Month's Dare

In honor of this month’s giveaway book, Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life, September’s Dare will help you use technology to send your husband on a digital scavenger hunt guaranteed to make you both excited, hot, and connected!

Supplies:  Computer, tablet, or smart phone

To prepare your digital scavenger hunt, start by answering the questions below for yourself:

1)    Which “never-done-it-there” location in the world would I find most exciting to have sex in?

2)    Which “never-done-it-there” location inside my home would I most like to try sex in?

3)    What color panty or thong do I feel the sexiest in?

4)    What kind of underwear do I think is sexiest on my husband?

5)    Which word would I use to describe my favorite sexual experience as a couple?

6)    Where did my favorite sexual experience take place?

7)    What is a definite turn-off in the bedroom for me?

8)    What song is most likely to get me in the mood?

9)    What activity is most likely to get me in the mood?

10)   What food is most like an aphrodisiac to me?

Feel free to add your own questions.

Next, come up with two incorrect answers to each question so that you now have one correct answer and two wrong answers.

Now it’s time to create your digital scavenger hunt. For each of your three answers, find a link to a webpage illustrating your answers. For example, if your answers to question number one are a tent under the stars, an Italian cruise ship, and a Ferris wheel gondola, you could have a link to a camping photo, a link to an Italian cruise line, and a link to a Ferris wheel photo. Or if your answers to question number five are Passionate, Hot, and Earth-shattering, you could have a link to each word’s definition on For question number eight, you can provide a link to song lyrics or the song on Apple Music. (Note: For question number three, be sure to link to images representing the colors of panties/thongs but not to actual images of women wearing each color choice of panty/thong.)

The final step is to type this up into an email or Word document with active links. At the top, write, “Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt, particularly one that ends with us having sex? I hope you know me well, because if you answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly, you get to choose what we do. Score less than seven, and you are mine to order around. Remember to guess which answer you think I would say. Email me back with your answers, and happy hunting!”

Type up your digital scavenger hunt questions to send to your husband, but instead of giving him three answers to choose from, give him three links to choose from so he’ll have to go on a hunt to find the answers. Your first question would look like:

1)    Which “never-done-it-there” location in the world would your wife most like to have sex in?

a.     Link
b.     Link
c.     Link

Regardless of his score, you both will have fun and can use the questions to spark conversations about new ways to spice up your marriage!

Send us a funny or sweet story to about doing the September Dare and you might win a prize if we include your story in a subsequent newsletter!

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