October 2018 Dare of the Month!

This Month's Dare

October 2018 Scare Dare

October’s Dare will give you goose bumps, but don’t worry, you’ll be cuddled up with your husband at the time! For even more fun, practice your Thriller dance moves for our October contest!

Supplies: Scary movie or TV show, blanket, snacks

Start by choosing a classic scary movie or TV show for you and your husband to watch together. Below is a list of suggestions, but please know we don’t endorse all the content in these movies—use your discretion. The goal is to have a fun evening together, so if a certain movie will leave you too scared to sleep, then don’t watch that particular movie or show.

Once you’ve picked your movie, buy snacks that go along with the movie’s theme. For example, if you’re watching Jaws, you could buy shark gummies or Goldfish crackers. Or for Netflix’s Stranger Things show, you could make Eggo Waffle ice cream sandwiches. And if you’re watching Beetlejuice, chilled shrimp cocktails would be perfect!

Find a cozy blanket and set the stage in front of your television with snacks, drinks, and blanket. Invite your husband to join you under the blanket as you snuggle together while watching your movie. During the scariest parts, ask him to put his arm around you. He’ll get a kick out of being your hero!

When the credits finally roll, start kissing your man and take it from there! Try listening to our Scare Dare Playlist on the CWIVES Spotify channel while you’re having sex to add to the goose bumps your husband is already giving you! Who knows, maybe the Halloween theme song will add to your delicious shivers…

The Birds
Rear Window
Dial M for Murder
Hocus Pocus
Little Shop of Horrors
Edward Scissorhands
The Addams Family
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Blob
Young Frankenstein
Wolfman (70’s)

OCTOBER 2018 CONTEST:  Brush up on your Thriller dance moves for our October contest! Send us a 10- to 15-second video clip of you and your husband doing the Thriller dance to enter the October contest. We will put together a video montage and post it to our YouTube channel. Plus, we will randomly choose a winner to receive a sexy prize to help her make her marriage sizzle! You can email your video clip to dareofthemonth@cwives.com or message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drjenniferdegler/. Contest ends on Friday, October 26, 2018, so start practicing today! You’ll make a hilariously fun memory with your man.

Dare of the Month Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist
We’ve created a Spotify page hosting a variety of playlists for you to enjoy with your husband, your kids, your friends, or just by yourself. Click the link below to enjoy:
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40 fun and easy Dares to help you initiate sex with your husband!

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