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This Month's Dare

October’s Dare will help you appreciate and affirm why you married your wonderful man! Do your female friends give you regular doses of affirming words and encouragement? Most likely they do, but husbands usually don’t hear much affirmation from their male friends. This is one reason a husband longs to hear his wife’s affirmation, according to Erin Smalley, the author of our October giveaway book, 10 Things a Husband Needs from His Wife. She also shares from one research study showing that affirmation from wives is the greatest predictor of high marital satisfaction. So, let’s get busy affirming our husbands for their bedroom mojo!

Supplies: Ribbon, 10 envelopes, 10 pieces of paper, pen, timer on your phone

Number the envelopes one to ten. Below are sample affirmations you can write, one per piece of paper. Feel free to tweak them to fit you and your marriage. Once you’ve written down affirmation number one, put it in envelope number one and seal it. Continue until you have ten sealed envelopes, each containing a written affirmation for your husband. Tie the stack of envelopes with a ribbon.

Next, pick a time when the two of you can have some uninterrupted time alone. Put on a sexy bra and panties underneath your clothing. Present your husband with the stack of envelopes and invite him to open your “Ten Things I Appreciate About You” list. Set your phone to airplane mode so you won’t be disturbed while you use the phone’s timer function for some items.

#1: I appreciate what a fabulous kisser you are. How about you kiss me in ten different locations on my body right now? But, you can’t remove my clothing yet.

#2: I love how your voice is deeper and more masculine than my voice. So sexy! How about you use your voice to tell me nine things you like about me?

#3: I appreciate your ears listening to me when I am upset or excited about something. Lay back and use those ears to listen to my voice telling you eight things I like about you.

#4: I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when you chose to date me. Sometimes it was hard to keep my hands off you! We never played “Seven Minutes in Heaven” like teenagers do, so how about we play it now? Let’s make out for seven minutes but neither one of us can take off any clothing yet.

#5: Wow, you are making me hot and bothered! I am glad I married a guy who can still turn me on. Let’s get naked from the waist up and have some fun for six minutes. But we must keep all the action from the waist up.

#6: I respect you tremendously. Let me give you a five-minute combination back rub and back scratching while I tell you some things I respect about your character and actions.

#7: I appreciate how hard you work to provide for our family. Let’s get totally naked so I can work hard for you for four minutes. Just boss me around!

#8: I am blessed to have a man who loves to bring me sexual pleasure. Now I’m going to boss you around for three minutes like you are my boy toy!

#9: Okay, three minutes wasn’t enough for me. You get to be my boy toy for two more minutes. I appreciate how cooperative you are.

#10: You are the hottest man in the world to me! And you are great in bed!

Send us a funny or sweet story to dareofthemonth@cwives.com about doing the October Dare and you might win a prize if we include your story in a subsequent newsletter!

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