November 2018 Dare of the Month!

This Month's Dare

November Recipe for Sizzling Sex Dare

Have you been searching for good recipes to cook this holiday season? November’s Dare is a fun mad lib about you and your husband’s recipe for sizzling sex! Get ready to giggle—after all, laughter is the best aphrodisiac!

Supplies: Paper, printer, pen

Print out the Recipe for Sizzling Sex mad lib found below. Tell your husband you have a fun mad lib you want to do together, but don’t tell him it has anything to do with sex. It turns out funnier if he doesn’t try to give you “sexy” answers.

Ask your husband to choose a word for each part of speech specified and write it down in the blank space. Ask him to try to not repeat any words. When complete, read the recipe out loud to him, and let the laughter get you both in the mood! Turn on our Spotify playlist called Recipe for Sex Dare Playlist to add to the fun and romance!

Recipe for Sizzling Sex
From the kitchen of [__his childhood nickname__] and [__your childhood nickname__]

You come home from [__place__] and surprise me by [__verb ending in -ing__] my [__body part__]. As I squeal with [__emotion__], you say to me, “[__positive adjective__] [__plural body part__], all day long I’ve been thinking about touching your [__body part__] with both of my [__plural body part__]. Let’s cook up sizzling sex in our [__room in house__] right now!”

I reply, “Yes, let’s create our very own [__adjective__] step-by-step recipe for smoking hot sex! For the first recipe step, I want you to undo my [__item of clothing__] and pull off my [__item of clothing__] using only your  [__body part__]. Make sure you do it [__adverb__] and with a [__facial expression__] on your face. Then run your [__body part__] along the [__piece of furniture__]. That will get me [__verb that ends in -ing__] with excitement!”

“I know what I want for the second recipe step,” you [__animal noise__]. “You can use a [__kitchen utensil__] to start [__verb ending in -ing__] on my [__plural body part__]. Remember when you did that with a [__kitchen utensil__] in our [__room in house__] while everyone else was eating [__holiday__] dinner?”

“Yes, I do!” I say. “Your [__body part__] was so impressive that I couldn’t stop myself! For the third recipe step, I’m going to lie on the [__kitchen appliance__] dressed only in my [__item of clothing__] while you give me a [__number__]-minute massage using [__type of oil__] oil. You can surround me with a [__shape__] of glowing [__food__]-scented candles.”

“And for the fourth recipe step,” you whisper, “let’s make our own [__color__] lubricant out of organic [__condiment__]. I want to [__verb__] it off your [__plural body part__]!”

“Oh, baby,” I say, “You take my [__body function__] away! My inner [__animal__] is doing the [__type of dance__] when I think about [__a sex act__] with you. Let’s get cooking!”


Dare of the Month Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist
We’ve created a Spotify page hosting a variety of playlists for you to enjoy with your husband, your kids, your friends, or just by yourself. Click the link below to enjoy:
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