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November 2017 Battleship Dare

November’s Dare will help you celebrate Veteran’s Day on Saturday, November 11, with a bang! (wink, wink)

Supplies: Two copies of paper Battleship game, two pencils

First, download and print two copies of the paper battleship game.

Invite your husband to join you in the bedroom. You each get a paper Battleship game and pencil. Go over the instructions below and have fun with your creative “military maneuvers.”

Paper Battleship game instructions:

On the bottom grid the player secretly fills in the squares representing their fleet of ships.

The fleet

Each player’s fleet consists of the following ships:

  • 1 Aircraft Carrier – 5 squares filled with AAAAA
  • 1 Battleship – 4 squares filled with BBBB
  • 1 Cruiser – 3 squares filled with CCC
  • 1 Submarine – 3 squares filled with SSS
  • 1 Destroyer – 2 squares filled with DD

Each ship occupies a number of adjacent squares on the grid, horizontally or vertically.


Players take turns making a shot at their opponent by calling out the coordinates of a square (e.g., “D5”). The opponent responds with “hit” if the coordinates hit a ship or “miss” if the coordinates miss. When a player hits the last remaining square of a ship, the opponent announces the name of the ship destroyed, as in, “You sank my battleship,” or, “You sank my cruiser.”

During play, each player should record their opponent’s shots on the bottom grid and their shots on the top grid as “X” for a hit and “O” for a miss.

The first player to lose all their ships loses the game. 

Now the fun part! Prior to playing the game, make a list of sexual activities that correspond to each ship. You can use alliteration if you want. For example:

Aircraft Carrier = Anything you want done to you for two minutes

Battleship = Backrub for three minutes

Cruiser = Caressing for two minutes

Submarine = Something sexy whispered in your ear

Destroyer = Doing it

As you play the game and sink your spouse’s ships, your spouse has to perform the corresponding sexual activity on or with you. Who knew being in the military was so much fun?!?

And to add to your gaming fun, we created a “Battleship Dare Playlist” on Spotify that you two can listen to while completing the Dare. Click here to listen or go to our HealthyRelationshipsRx channel on Spotify.

Send a funny or sweet story to about doing the November Dare and you might win a prize if we include your story in a subsequent newsletter!

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