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May Dare
Be brave with May’s Clean Fun Dare! We know May is a busy month, so we’ve made the Dare simple, yet bold. Thanks to BF, a 324 Club member in Indiana, for the Dare idea. We will mail her a prize because we’re using her ideaemail us your Dare ideas and maybe you’ll earn a prize, too! 

Supplies: white T-shirt, shower gel

When your husband is in the shower, put on a white T-shirt and nothing else. Surprise him by joining him in the shower. Tell him you’d like for him to lather you up with shower gel, but you won’t be taking off your T-shirt. He gets his own personal wet T-shirt contest to enjoy, and you’ll both have good, clean fun! Be brave and try this Dareyou’ll be glad you made time for fun sex in the busy month of May.

We’ve created a Spotify playlist called Clean Fun Dare to add to your sudsy fun! Be sure to crank it up before you jump in the shower to do the Dare! Click here to access the Clean Fun Dare Playlist or go to our CWIVES channel on Spotify. (Please note the change to our Spotify channel name.)

Dare of the Month Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist
We’ve created a Spotify page hosting a variety of playlists for you to enjoy with your husband, your kids, your friends, or just by yourself. Click the link below to enjoy:
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40 fun and easy Dares to help you initiate sex with your husband!

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