HRx can help you create a fabulous marriage with better communication, mutual respect, and a great sex life!


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Here you’ll find Healthy Relationships Rx podcasts and blogs with frank, practical advice for improving your marriage, becoming best friends with your spouse, reducing and resolving conflicts, appreciating your spouse’s differences instead of arguing over them, showing mutual respect, and enjoying emotional intimacy, connection, and clearer, better communication.

Yes, you can have the fabulous marriage you’ve always wanted.

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In our Store, you’ll discover both free and premium resources to help you dramatically improve your marriage, including all of Dr. Jennifer’s marriage retreat presentations available as downloadable MP3’s or audio CD’s, plus companion outlines. You and your spouse can have your own marriage retreat at home by listening together to her helpful, humorous talks. Dr. Jennifer will have you laughing while you learn practical, use-it-now tips for quickly improving your marriage.




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Latest HRx Podcast on Marriage

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Latest HRx Blogs on Marriage

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