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It’s February, which means Valentine’s Daylet’s show our husbands a great time in the bedroom with February’s Show and Tell Dare. We’ve created a Spotify playlist for you to use as you put on the greatest show ever for your man! And keep reading, even if you think, “I could NEVER do this!”

Supplies:  Two straight back chairs, sexy lingerie, button-down shirt, stiletto heels or boots

Yes, you can put on a show for your husband. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like or whether you can dance or if you are naturally shy. Any wife can put on a show and EVERY husband is going to appreciate it. Take a few deep breaths if you are already feeling a little panicky and keep reading.

The trick to overcoming your fears is to practice. You are sexier than you think you are, and as you practice a few moves in private, you’ll connect with just how sexy you can be. And rememberyour husband’s eyes are going to zero in on your breasts, your bottom, and your genital area. He’s not going to be judging the flatness of your stomach or the firmness of your upper arms. He loves YOU, and he thinks your body is SEXY!

Start by choosing lingerie that makes you feel attractive and that you can move freely in. Fishnet stockings will give you the option of slowly rolling down your stockings, but you can have bare legs if you prefer. Add stiletto heels or boots. If you look great in a fedora, you can add this to your ensemble.

The simplest thing to wear over your lingerie is a button-down shirt. You could even borrow one of your husband’s shirts. You could also wear a trench coat. Tight pants are hard to get out of, so avoid these.

Pick music that feels seductive to you. Our Spotify playlist called “Show and Tell Dare Playlist” includes a wide variety of music perfect for taking your clothes off, ranging from the classic instrumental “Love Potion No. 9” to Beyoncé to Joe Cocker.

Using a straight back chair as a prop will help you feel more confident, steady in heels, and give you movement options, such as putting your foot up on the chair to take off stockings. Use the second chair as the chair you will seat him in. If his chair has arms on it, you then have the option of putting your foot up on the arm of his chair while you take off stockings or just move around. You can also put your foot in between his legs. Don’t forget to practice with both chairs because they will make things much easier and more fun for you!

Now that you have your ensemble and chair, practice slowly undressing to the music. You don’t want to get this over in sixty seconds, although that may be how you feel at first. The point of the show is to tantalize and build anticipation. 


  • Tell him upfront that he can’t touch you until the show is over. Have him put his hands on his thighs or you could tie them loosely with two scarves to the arms of his chair. He’s going to want to touch you.
  • Important: Smile and maintain eye contact as much as you can. Even when you turn your back, turn your head around and smile at him.
  • Go slow. Breathe slowly. Feel the music as you move. Keep slowing things down because nerves will make you speed up.
  • Light the room with candles.
  • Undo one button at a time, and once fully unbuttoned, turn your back to him and slowly shimmy the shirt off your shoulders to the floor.
  • Lift up your hair or run your fingers through your hair while looking directly at him.
  • You have hipsuse them. Move them.
  • Avoid dangling jewelry.
  • If you drink alcohol, have a half glass of wine or half a beer if that would help you loosen up.
  • You can end with giving him a lap dance, if you like.
  • PRACTICE, practice, practice! It will give you confidence.

That’s the SHOW part of our Dare. The TELL part is to email us a brief story of how the Dare went for you. We’d love to hear your tips, anything funny or sweet, etc. We will randomly choose a winner from the received emails and mail you a prize to make your marriage sizzle! Send your stories by February 25 to dareofthemonth@cwives.com or reply to the Dare newsletter email you received. We will include some of the stories in our March newsletter with identities concealed. 

Click here to access the “Show and Tell Dare Playlist” or go to our HealthyRelationshipsRx channel on Spotify.

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