Fan the Flame:

A Woman’s Guide to Igniting Sexual Intimacy in Marriage for a Lifetime

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Designed for married or hope-to-be-married women, this three hour seminar makes an unforgettable Girl’s Night Out or half-day workshop. Jennifer will have your audience laughing non-stop while they learn how to:

  • Increase their sexual desire and responsiveness
  • Make sex sizzle after children and menopause
  • Make peace with their hormones
  • Eliminate sexual pain and dysfunction
  • Encourage a low sexual desire husband (in about 20% of marriages, the husband isn’t interested in sex)
  • Cultivate a healthy, biblical view of sex.

Audience members receive a helpful, lengthy outline. Fan the Flame comes with attractive, professionally designed promotional materials so all you need to do is add in your group’s information, and you are ready to print and promote! Women are hungry for this kind of information which guarantees you an excellent turnout. Fan the Flame is a fabulous community outreach event. Jennifer can also streamline the material for a shorter presentation.


Fan the Flame Promo

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A fun, two-minute video promoting Dr. Jennifer Degler’s “Fan the Flame: Igniting Sexual Intimacy in Marriage” event and DVD. Your organization or church can host your own “Fan the Flame” event and pack the house with women who want to make their marriages sizzle with smoking hot sex! Or host your own “Fan the Flame” party at home by purchasing the two-hour DVD, downloading the 18-page companion outline, and inviting friends over for a viewing party (don’t forget the chocolate!).

My friend, K., really wants me to stress to you how much you’ve changed her life. She’s been married for 25 years and NEVER enjoyed sexual intimacy with her husband because it was painful. She is finally experiencing what God intended, the way God intended it! 🙂 You changed her life and her husband’s life! – J.C., Branson, Missouri

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You can also host a fun and fabulous Fan the Flame DVD party for your friends, MOPS group, small group, or even just you and your husband (he will understand you much better after watching the DVD and also be a better lover).

Here’s how to host a Fan the Flame party:

1) Pick a night when your friends are available. Sunday evening is often a good time.

2) Invite your friends over to watch the two hour “Fan the Flame” DVD.

3) Ask everyone to bring a snack so you don’t have to provide anything other than drinks, cups, and plates. Don’t forget the chocolate!

4) Order your Fan the Flame DVD here and run off a copy of the 18 page outline for each friend. The link to download the outline is on the round DVD label. You can download as many copies as you need.

5) Take a photo of your group and email it to drjennifer@cwives.com. We will put it up on the CWIVES Facebook page and feature your photo in our next Dare newsletter. Please let us know if we can use your full name or just your initials.



“Interested in hosting a live Fan the Flame event for your church, hospital, or organization?
Click here to download a brochure explaining all the details.”


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