Would you like to value sex more highly?

Ever wanted to join an exclusive club?

Here’s your chance to do both!

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In just 24 hours, you can qualify for 324 Club membership and prove, to yourself and your husband, that you can make sex a high priority in your marriage.

To join the 324 (pronounced “Three Twenty-Four”) Club, you must have some type of sexual activity with your husband three times in a twenty-four hour period. Once you’ve accomplished this challenge, you are in the Club for life.

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The benefits of 324 Club membership include:

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  • One very happy (and exhausted) husband.
  • A chance for you to experience what you are truly capable of sexually. Prepare to be amazed at yourself.
  • Multiple orgasms (not guaranteed but highly likely).
  • Letting your husband know in a fun way that you highly value sex with him.
  • The choice to post your initials or pseudonym on the 324 Club Members Wall of Fame on the CWIVES website.
  • The opportunity to purchase a pair of 324 Club panties. You can’t buy them if you aren’t in the Club. Click here to view the 324 Club panties, thongs, and camisoles in the Store.


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Guidelines for Joining the 324 club:

Past sexual experiences, such as your honeymoon, don’t count. Once you find out about the 324 Club, you then have to meet the three times in twenty-four hours challenge at a future time.
Any kind of sexual activity counts as long as you and your husband are both in the same room and participating in some way in the experience.

The activity doesn’t have to include an orgasm or ejaculation in order to count towards the three times requirement. At least thirty minutes has to elapse between each activity in order to count as a separate time of sexual activity. The twenty-four hour time period can start at any time of the day or night.

This is supposed to be fun so don’t get legalistic with the guidelines. If you think you had sex three times in twenty-four hours, then you did.

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Tips for Meeting the 324 Challenge:

324ClubScreenShotPlan a couple’s getaway weekend with the goal of meeting the 324 Challenge. If you are trying to meet the 324 Challenge on a week day, start with morning sex, meet at lunch for a nooner, and finish with a pre-dinner interlude or before-bed-sex.

Women are often the most sexually responsive the week after their period ends, so try meeting the 324 Challenge during that time. Pray and ask God to make you, your body, and your husband sexually responsive and energized for the twenty-four hour time period.

You may find that you are feeling more adventurous by encounter number three, so mix it up and try something new. Finish the challenge with a bang, so to speak.

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What to Do When You’ve Met the 324 Challenge:

Put your clothes on and pat yourself on the back—you just accomplished an amazing feat! Who knew you were such a hot mama?!? Send up a grateful prayer of thanksgiving. God wants to celebrate with you!

If you want to be on the 324 Club Wall of Fame, email:  324club@cwives.com  and put “Joining the 324 Club” in the subject line. In the body of the email, state:

  1. Your real name
  2. Your email address
  3. The initials or pseudonym (keep it clean, please) you would like to have listed on the 324 Club Members Wall of Fame on the CWIVES site.
  4. Your city and state
  5. The month, day, and year you met the 324 Challenge

Your real name and email address will not be revealed, only your initials or pseudonym, city and state, and date you met the 324 Challenge will be listed on the CWIVES website. You will receive a return email with information on how you can order 324 Club merchandise through the Store page. To view the 324 Club panties, thongs and camisoles Click here.

If you order them, wear your 324 Club panties with pride. You might even use them to signal your husband that it’s time to set another world record in the bedroom.


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