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April 2018 New Locations Dare
You’ll naturally be more sexually responsive when you are waking up your senses and mind with something new! In April on our Facebook page, blog, and Tip Talk with Dr. Jennifer Degler podcast, our focus is “Springing into Something New,” so we’ve created a fun Dare so you and your husband can spring into something new and exciting in your sex life. Plus, you could win a prize in our April contest!

Supplies: Blanket or towel, pillow, lubricant

Start April’s Dare by remembering the various locations where you have had sex with your husband. Let’s see…the bedroom, the shower, hotel rooms, the couch, that time in a hot tub…the list goes on and on! You can listen to the Spotify playlist we created called “New Locations Dare” to help you remember locations.

Once you’ve completed your list (look at how adventurous you’ve been!), it’s time to try a new location. Pick a place in your home that would be a “first” for you two to have sex. Stash a blanket or towel and lubricant there, and invite your husband to christen this location with you!

For extra fun, try something different like having sex standing up. You could also in advance buy a new fruit your husband won’t recognize, blindfold him, and feed it to him with the condition that he can have sex with you once he guesses the fruit’s name (have mercy on the man eventually, even if he can’t guess the name). Our “Trace Sensations Dare” in our exclusive Deck of Dares (available as a PDF download here or printed here) is a fabulous addition to the fun you’ll have in your new location!

Click here to access the New Locations Dare Playlist or go to our CWIVES channel on Spotify. (Please note the change to our Spotify channel name.)

April Contest
For the time period of April 1 to April 25, 2018, keep track of every new location you have sex, inside and outside your home. Email your name and list of locations to dareofthemonth@cwives.com by midnight April 25. You can also reply to this newsletter with your locations and name.

We will choose two winners: 1) a random winner (so send in your info even if it’s just one location) and 2) the wife with the highest number of new locations. We’ll mail the winners a sexy prize to make their marriages sizzle even more! We will also do a blog post with the initials (we don’t publish names) and location lists of everyone who enters. (Have you seen the post with the sizzling stories from February’s Show and Tell Dare? Oo la la! The CWIVES staff is so proud of and inspired by these amazing wives!)

Put a reminder on your calendar to email us by April 25, and then start thinking of new locations! Let’s see…would we both fit in the pantry? 😉

Dare of the Month Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist
We’ve created a Spotify page hosting a variety of playlists for you to enjoy with your husband, your kids, your friends, or just by yourself. Click the link below to enjoy:
Deck of Dares


40 fun and easy Dares to help you initiate sex with your husband!

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