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HRx can help your marriage have the smoking hot, soul-connecting sex you deserve!

Here you’ll find Healthy Relationships Rx blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, and online store products with frank, biblically-based answers to your most private questions, including how to:
  • Increase Your Sex Drive
  • Overcome Sexual Abuse or Infidelity
  • Eliminate Sexual Pain
  • Create Passionate Physical Intimacy
  • Make Married Sex Fun
  • Talk to Your Kids About Sex
  • Recover from Pornography Addiction
  • Handle a Husband or Wife Who Won’t Have Sex
HRx is also the home of CWIVES, our ministry to help Christian wives make their sex lives sizzle with:
  • The Dare of the Month Newsletter (it’s FREE!)

  • The Exclusive and FREE 324 Club (this club has its own panties!)

  • Fan the Flame Events and DVD Viewing Parties

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In our Store, our products are fun, unique, and appropriate for Christian marriages. Check out our exclusive Deck of Dares, Fire Starter Kit, Passionate Intimacy CD, and 324 Club panties, thongs, and camisoles. We’ve got everything you need for sexy Christmas stocking stuffers or an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or romantic getaway!

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