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Enjoy your family relationships and improve your friendships.

Here you’ll find Healthy Relationships Rx blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, and online store products with enlightening, practical advice from Dr. Jennifer and her guests on how to relate to friends, coworkers, and family members (including emotionally abusive or narcissistic people) in a healthy, adult manner. Topics include:
  • Setting Boundaries with Difficult People
  • Handling Necessary Conflict Wisely
  • Overcoming People-Pleasing
  • Recovering from Codependent Relationships
  • Healing Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Creating Authentic Connections with Others

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Both free and premium resources to help you improve your friendships and family relationships!

In our Store, Dr. Jennifer’s popular audio presentation for people-pleasers, “No More Christian Nice Girl,” is available, as well as an eye-opening talk on how to leave and cleave and set healthy boundaries with in-laws. All of our resources are designed to help you make your relationships more satisfying.

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No More Christian Nice Girl: 3 Steps to Overcoming People Pleasing

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Leaving and Cleaving: Making a Clean Break with Your Parents When You Marry

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Worry and Anxiety Management Techniques by Dr Jennifer Degler