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This month’s Dare comes from Alne. Alne and her husband are marriage counselors, and she herself runs a Facebook page called, “Wives Encouraging Wives.” She wanted to share this Dare that is inexpensive, simple, and loads of fun!

1.   Go to your local library and borrow a book (poetry or romantic sayings/stories or something that you both will enjoy reading together) and also a fun DVD. Creatively wrap and label it similar to the picture above. (Buy the book and DVD if you think you want to keep the items.)

2.   Purchase candy/fruit/yummies that you both like and place it inside a decorative holder.

3.   Purchase a candle (the Dollar Store is great!) and place it inside a fun holder.

4.   Put all the above on top of an article of sexy lingerie where your husband won’t miss it! 

5.   Invite your husband.

6.   Light the candle; have him open the wrapped items (while you slip into your sexy lingerie); read some parts of the book together while nibbling at the treats; cuddle and watch the DVD.

7.   Whatever happens next is up to you!

P.S. If you have littles/bigs, plan ahead (put them to bed early, send to grandma/grandpa’s house, swap with friends, etc.) to make sure that you have plenty of privacy and no interruption!

Now, dear wives, get out there and enjoy that husband of yours that God gave you!

Send us a funny or sweet story to about doing the August Dare and you might win a prize if we include your story in a subsequent newsletter!  

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